Ollie's Frozen Custard
------The History of Ollie's-----
The first Ollie's Store
The first store in DeKalb,IL.(1985)

The founder of Ollie's Frozen Custard.
Bill Jamison -The founder of Ollie’s

Frozen Custard has been in America for over 75 year. One of the first custard shops was "The original Frozen Custard stand". This shop (owned by the Lodde family) opened in Layfaette, ID around 1932.

Ollie’s Frozen Custard was started by Bill Jamison in 1985. Bill has been eating custard since the age of 4 years old. His favorite custard stand was "The Sycamore Drive-in" in Indiana. Back then a cone of custard was 5 cent and a sundae was a quarter.

When Bill got out of college, he wanted to start a custard stand but lack of capital prevented him, so he took a job as a school teacher. After his stint as a teacher, he went into sales for 14 years and ended up working for a company that sold ice cream flavoring and toppings.

This job gave Bill the chance to learn about the industry and visit a lot of stores in Northern, IL. During his travels he noticed there where no custard stands to be founded. Armed with his knowledge of the ice cream business and his love for custard- he bought a small 450 sq. ft building and parking lot in DeKalb,IL. After extensive renovation and the purchase of a Leon’s single barrel custard machine-he was open for business.

Ollie's Store in Sycamore,IL
The new store in Sycamore,IL - on a week-day evening.(2000)

He opened Ollie’s serving 3 flavors of custard- Vanilla, Chocolate and the flavor of the day. Through much trial and error-mostly error- he slowly added more flavors to his menu and baked his own waffle cones.

Ollie’s was the second custard stand to open in northern IL. Word quickly spread throughout the town, of the tasty treats-Bill was creating at his stand. The business soon became the place to meet and eat premium frozen custard. After 5 years in this location- it became clear that Bill needed a larger building and parking lot, to meet the ever-growing demand for his brand of custard.

In 1990, Bill bought and built his new 2000 sq. ft store located in the neighboring town of Sycamore,IL. With the opening of the new store and the addition of a 2 barrel-Leon’s custard machine-Bill was now able to serve his customers, now and into the future.

Ollie’s is so popular, that it isn’t uncommon for people in a 50 mile radius of the stand, to get in their car and drive many miles to enjoy some of Bill’s custard. The menu has grown over the years to include many new popular flavors-served in cake and waffle cones. In addition to the cones- a large variety of sundaes, shakes and blasts make it very difficult to decide which to try first. Even though the line at the order window extends around the building a lot of the time- the staff can quickly take your order and have it ready, before you can put your change back your in your pocket.

When asked-"What is the secret to Ollie’s success" Bill quickly answers-"Quality ingredients, freshness of the custard (made hourly most of the time) and fast, friendly service".

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