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"Bath time for BiG DoG "- it's 5 minutes of dog gone FUNNY.
Click on
BiG DoG picture to watch her get a bath.

BiG DoG is our 10 month old, 125 lbs of Great Dane puppy, also know as Delilah.
 Big Dog is a great watch dog, (She likes to watch a lot of TV, while lying on the couch).
Delilah, in her spare time (between-destroying things around the house)
 is the Star of a new
video series on You Tube called The Adventures of BiG DoG”.

Here is just one example of what it’s like to live with Big Dog.
Last night, I was trying to watch the season premier of “Duck Dynasty”, on the DVR.
 She wanted to watch “The Adventures of
BiG DoG” on You Tube.
 I had just clicked on the show and put the remote on the coffee table.
 She grabbed it, in her “JAWS” like mouth, and you can see the results below.
 To make a long story short, does anyone know what happened on Duck Dynasty?

Bright house isn’t going to be very HAPPY with Big DoG.

A tender Doggy treat (TV remote).

If you liked the movie- “Marley & Me”
you’ll love “The Adventures of BiG DoG

I GUESS the lesson learned is- you better watch,
 ”The Adventures of
BiG DoG” before she eats my camera and laptop.

The series is shot in HD (High Definition) and
Ollie's Frozen Custard
 is co-producing, The Villages Edition of the show.
50 episodes of the series are already planned, for this weekly series.
If you missed some of the earlier episodes,
 you can alway see them @ her website-

Email the Big Hound @
& tell her what you think about her show!
Ruff you-Big Dog & Bob