The Adventures of  BiG DoG

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Click on BiG DoG's picture above- to see how really BiG her tongue is!

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BiG DoG is our 14 month old, 132 lbs of Great Dane puppy, also know as Delilah.
 In addition to being a great watch dog, (She likes to watch a lot of TV
while laying on the couch). 
BiG DoG also is the Star of a new Reality Series
 "The Adventures of BiG DoG".
 50 episodes ( Watch episodes below) are in the works and more are planned.

The series is aired on Youtube  and a new adventure will be posted weekly.

 The series is produced by 1 BiG DoG Productions  and co-produced locally by Ollie's Frozen Custard

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New- Episode #7-"BiG DoG's Family Reunion" in HD

Episode #1-"Meet BiG DoG" Not in HD


Episode #2-"Give me that Shoe" in HD

Episode #3-"Bath time for BiG DoG" in HD

Episode #4-"Nap time for BiG DoG" in HD

Episode #5-"BiG DoG ate it" in HD

Episode #6-"BiG DoG @ Ollie's" in HD

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