The Ultimate Book on the Frozen Custard Business!

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I've been teaching students, how to start, operate and sell
Frozen Custard in their stores, for over 10 years @ my school
Bob's Scoop School.
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My students have opened frozen custard stores all over the USA.
From the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between.
My system works and my students are proof of it, but I felt something
was missing and that was my motivation for writing the book.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Buy the book and attend Bob's Scoop School, February 1, 2014
My husband and I recently bought this book and also attended Bob's Scoop School in Florida.
This book, like Bob himself, is a wealth of knowledge and a must have for a new ice cream shop owner.
My husband and I are just on the verge of opening our shop and had attended another ice cream "class"
in the midwest last year hoping to receive the training and information we needed; unfortunately, we did not.
Bob Borkoski to the rescue! Bob is very open and easy to talk to and will tell you everything he knows about the business.
From Bob, you will learn the ins and outs and small and large details of running your own ice cream shop.
His class was a blessing and a life-saver to us. I would HIGHLY recommend not only buying the book,
but also attending his scoop school BEFORE you go anyplace else to learn the ice cream business.

5.0 out of 5 stars Bob's Scoop School's "One Scoop or Two", February 18, 2014
Brian - See all my reviews
I attended Bob's Scoop School and have also purchased his book, "One Scoop or Two".
If you are thinking of opening your own ice cream shop, this is a must. In fact, shame on you if you don't.
No where can you learn everything from A to Z, and how easy it can be. Bob's book is now a reference book for us,
and I often go back to it to find more money saving ideas.

There is no reason to buy into a franchise, pay all those upfront fees, percentage's, buy their supplies and products,
and be the Franchise's puppet, when it's so easy to do it by yourself. (and saving huge money )

In these times, you have to be your own boss, this is an easy and inexpensive way to do it.
And Bob is only a phone call away. (I still talk to him at least once a month)


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I took my 350 page manual, that I've used to teach my students
and extracted from it, the most important information and published
1 Scoop or 2  "The Other Side of the Counter" in November 2013.

The book is printed in 8.5" x 11" format with a laminated cover.
It's 200 pages in length, divided into 11 chapters and featuring
79 pages of full color photos.

(Click on the book cover below to view some of the contents)

I've had numerous people wanting to buy just my manual,
but I declined their offer and told them that
"The manual is designed to go along with my
Scoop School
course and not a stand alone book".

Until NOW!

I've rewritten the entire manual and turned it into an easy to follow book
on how to start and run a
Frozen Custard business.
I've draw on my 14 years of experience and in detail, written
the Ultimate book on the
Frozen Custard business.
The book took me over 175 hours to edit, layout and photograph.
I even included some of my mistakes and how I fixed them.
These stories alone will save you $1,000s in
Common Pre-Opening and Early Operational Mistakes.

This book is an alternative to coming to my school here in Florida.

Many of you live in foreign countries and it's

physically or financially impossible for you to come to the
United States. With this book, you'll be able to read the first 10
and by following the detailed instructions contained
in each chapter, you'll be up and running your store in a very short time.

If after reading the first 10 chapters, you feel that you may
need my assistance in starting, opening and running your store. Then carefully read
Chapter 11, it's all about my school ( in Florida.

I'll make your this offer!

By purchasing this book, I'll give you
a $1,000 discount OFF of the tuition price of my school.
All you've to do, is agree to bring the book to class when you come to Florida.
With either
OPTION you're the winner!

I'm Now taking Orders for the book.
(There are 4 ways to purchase)

The cost is $1,000 per copy with FREE shipping anywhere on the planet.
#1-Click on the Buy Now button below, to purchase the book using PayPal.
(You can also use your credit card to pay thru PayPal).

-Or you can purchase it on
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#3-Or you can order by Check or Money order:
Make Payable to:
Bob Borkoski
1 Scoop or 2
1572 Bella Cruz Drive
The Villages, Florida 32159
#4-Or you can order over the phone with your credit card.
Please call me @ 352.259.3568. If I don't answer, please leave
a message after the beep and I'll call you back.

I'm also in the process of building a companion website for the book.
I will be turning into a resource site.

All purchasers of the book will be granted unlimited access to this site.

Here is just some of what'll be on the site:
of all the equipment necessary to open & run your frozen custard store.
(The entire equipment list is in the book- but due to space limitations,
 I  couldn't print all of the equipment pictures in the book)
-A personal 1.5 hour video tour of my store and how it's laid out.

-Over 200 frozen custard receipts.
-Video on "How to setup for Cart Sales".
-Video on "How to setup for an Ice Cream Social".
-Video on "How to make all the products we sell".
-Downloadable files on every poster, document and form shown in the book.
(This feature alone will save you 100s of hours in design & artwork charges.)
The chapter on "Marketing Frozen Custard" is over 50 pages long.
"If you can't sell it-you'll soon be out of the game"
a quote from my book.

Thanks for your interest in "1 Scoop or 2" & Bob's Scoop School,
and I look forward to working with you.



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